Kinan Whyte

Mini Projects

These apps were mostly spawned from assessments or side projects during regular curriculum hours at Turing.

Grudge Bin

productivity picture

The main goal of this app is to allow a user to add a person who has wronged them to a list of 'most hated', the grudge bin. A user is able to provide a reason the person wronged them and add a respective date, then chose to forgive or unforgive them.

TECH: es6, jQuery, CSS, Node.js, Express

Number Guesser in ReactJS

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Here, I re-built a small game based on the original NumberGuesser where the user picks a number between 1 and 100, this time using ReactJS and ES6. Upon entering the number, the application displays feedback indicating how close their guess was to a random number that was generated. We worked on this project near the end of October, inspiring a Halloween theme.


Seven Weeks of Fonts

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Drawing inspiration from the Yale School of Art’s 100 Days project, I built a new typographic experiment for 4 weeks that shows the full collection of type exercises. I asked myself, how can various typographic stles paired with imagery be communicated through layout, scale, and color?


'Linked List'


This project aimed to allow a user to name a bookmark with a title and save a URL link to a webpage to the DOM. Users can mark a link as read and remove the bookmark from their list.

TECH: VanillaJS, jQuery, CSS

Number Guesser


Number Guesser is a mini-game by which your task is to guess a number between a default range of 1 and 100 that matches a computer-generated random number. If your number is too high, too low, out of the accepted range, not a valid entry (such as a letter), or equal to the computer's number, you will receive condition-specific feedback on your guess. Guess correctly to win to increase the minimum and maximum range, or do so manually.

TECH: Vanilla Javascript, CSS

Scrabble Word Scorer

scrabble picture

In this mini app, you are able to enter any word and get a live update of the Scrabble score for your word as you type it letter-by-letter. You are able to save words and their respective score. This app was built in about 30 minutes during a final assessment in Module 2.

TECH: D3.js, Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, SASS

Color Changer


This beginner mini-project was aimed at doing exactly what the name implies: change some colors. This small application has two buttons, one which sets a random background color that cannot be white and another that resets the background color to white.

TECH: D3.js, Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, SASS