Kinan Whyte

~Kinan Whyte~
:: Software Developer ::



Javascript | JQuery | AJAX | HTML | CSS | SASS | SCSS | ReactJS | Ruby
React Native | Flux | Redux | Express | Node.js | Ember | JSON API
Electron | PhoneGap/Cordova | Progressive Web Applications

Software Engineering Fundamentals:

TDD | Git | Webpack | Web Application Deployment | Build Tools
Integration Testing | Data Storage | Websockets | Web Components
ServiceWorkers | Workflow

Design Skills:

UX/UI | Wiring/Prototyping | HTML5 Canvas | Typography | Sketch | Flexbox
Accessibility & ARIA | D3 Data Visualization | HTML5 Media APIs:
Web Audio/Video API | Geolocation API

Soft Skills:

Leadership | Teamwork/Collaboration | Strong Pairing Experience
Public Speaking | Project Management/Organization | Time Management
Interpersonal Communication | Productivity | Work Flow


My current intention is to continue learning powerful emerging web technologies. I love designing and building something beautiful from scratch. I revel in the creative process, especially within a collaborative environment. I intend to raise the quality of experience of those working around me and the technology we use together.


Advanced Javascript
Strong Experience with ReactJS & Redux
Strong CSS/SASS/LESS Techniques
Full Stack Javascript: ReactJS, SQL, Node.js/Express


I value raising consciousness & self/collective awareness. At the core of our social evolution, I see a great need for the users of new technology to participate in the personal development process as well. This can raise awareness of how we interact with and each other and our surroundings. By choosing to focus on strengths rather than weakness, we can achieve this.


Having a deep interest in human psychology, health, & behavior, I have come to greatly appreciate a larger focus on each person's strengths as a means to bridge socio-cultural gaps in the work space.

Gallup's StrengthsFinder was founded on 50 years of researching human behavior. Below, you'll see a fairly accurate synopsis of my own aptitude based on these assessments and other insights.

My Top 5 Strengths:



Stamina in working through projects;
Immense satisfaction in being busy and productive;
Love for completing tasks; Fulfillment from accomplishment;
Strong inner drive = innate source of intensity, energy, and power enables
him to set the pace and define productivity levels for others around him



Detective; Devotes attention to uncover facts, evidence, and the big picture
Curiosity attracts interesting sources of information:
people, print, internet, formal classes, casual conversations, or experiences;
Thirsts for new ideas and knowledge; Enjoys dive into study without abandon
Poring over information inevitably leads to mastery of skills and concepts



Introspective and appreciative and delighted in intellectual discussions with
leading thinkers on theories and insights;
The "life of the mind" appeals greatly;
Emotional awareness sharpens thinking; Thinks with head, feels with heart;
Knack for giving credit to those who make key points that advance everyone's understanding of a theory, concept, or idea



Faith in the links between all things;
Often accepts that which cannot be fully explained using logic, being
confident that things are linked together for a purpose that may or may not be revealed; By nature, is inextricably tied to teammates, seeing individual and group success as hinging on each other; Appreciation of uniqueness and commonality



Adeptness at dealing with problems;
Being able to figure out what is wrong and resolve it is a perfect match for a role in medicine, consulting, computer programming, or customer service;
Consistently has work in either one of these careers his entire working life;
Love to solve problems and is energized by the advent of bringing something back to life or rekindling vitality


I love to travel--I have explored over 20 countries, 4 of which I have lived in for at least 4 months (Switzerland, Thailand, India, Australia). Whether it's meeting new people from outside of the country, embarking on a great outdoor adventure, or exploring diverse cultural traditions, I am thrilled to visit new places.


I am deeply inspired by exploring new perspectives and can often be found with a camera, capturing experiences, surroundings and beautiful urban or natural landscapes. If you don't find me on a bike, in a new country, or with a camera, you can count on me being on the slopes, surf, or water. I love getting into flow states!


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